Watneys Party Seven

The Party Seven was famous the world over and was at the heart of millions of parties in the '60s and '70s. Originally the Party Four, Watneys added the Party Seven to the range and started a revolution of party drinking and drinking at home.

Now it’s back - with no hammer and nails required - for beer drinkers young, and not so young, to enjoy together.

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Party Seven Tasting Notes

We asked legendary beer sommelier Jane Peyton to tell us what she thought of the Party Seven.

"The Party Seven starts with a burst of tangerine and orange blossom in the aroma. This is repeated in the flavour with orange, grapefruit, and pine overlaying a base of malt biscuits. Smooth on the palate, the beer has a firm bitterness upfront which lingers on the finish."

Watch Jane's tasting notes here

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