We asked Jane Peyton to give us her feedback on the new Party Seven. Jane is a drinks educator, broadcaster and beer writer.
"A burst of tangerine and orange blossom in the aroma. This is repeated in the flavour with orange, grapefruit, and pine overlaying a base of malt biscuits. Smooth on the palate, the beer has a firm bitterness upfront which lingers on the finish". 

Pouring Experience

It is a very satisfying experience to twist the nozzle and see and hear beer pouring into the glass.  I particularly like the swooshing sound as the beer fills the glass. It’s a completely different experience to opening and pouring a bottle/can for one.  There is an anticipation that this beer will be shared and what could be better than having a shared experience with friends or family with a really tasty beer and knowing there are 9 pints in the cask!


Visual:  Rich glowing golden colour.

Head:  Loose white and frothy.

Aroma:  A citrus grove!  Juicy tangerine & orange blossom, with malted biscuits underneath.

Flavour: The dominant flavour is citrus – a mixture of orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.  Cedar pine is also apparent with a subtle herbal character. These flavours overlay the malted biscuit base.

Texture/mouthfeel:  Smooth on the palate. 

Body:  Medium.

Taste:  Lingering bitterness.

Finish:  Long and bitter.  The beer’s citrus flavours last on the tongue.

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