Perfect Pour

Here are a few tips to make sure your Watneys Party Seven goes down perfectly: 
1. First of all make sure your Party Seven is chilled, at least a little.
2. To pour the perfect Party Seven first open the vent on the top of the can. You will hear some gas released.

3. Pull the tap out from the bottom of the can. Turn the tap anti-clockwise to pour the beer. For the best results start with the glass at 45 degrees and slowly straighten the glass as it fills. When the glass is full close the tap.

4. When you have finished for the evening push the tap back in and close the vent on the top of the can. This will ensure that the beer is good for at least 3 days and up to 5. Preferably keep it cool if you can.
5. When you come back to the can repeat the same process, until the can is empty. Then don’t forget to re-order more beer!!
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